Sartoria Sciarra offers a sponge and press luxury cleaning service for all of the bespoke suits we make. A superior alternative to dry cleaning in every way.

Getting tailored garments dry cleaned is ubiquitous in modern culture. Unfortunately, it’s probably the worst thing for them. The harsh chemicals used in dry cleaning remain in the fabric and build-up over time, eroding the fabric's original character.

Our detergents "Lava e Cura" are custom formulated in Italy and are exclusive to Sartoria Sciarra. They are highly concentrated, entirely natural and biodegradable. Made exclusively from plants and minerals. They ensure a deep and thorough clean that preserve the fabrics original character. While being both safe for you and the environment.

Our sponge and press cleaning service for bespoke tailoring, uses our detergents and filtered water exclusively to prevent the build-up of lime scale in the fibres. The process of cleaning and pressing is entirely by hand, using the same iron and pressing tools that are used when your garment is made. This allows us to preserve not only the original condition of the fabric, but also the original shape of the garment itself.

Our sponge and press cleaning service is reserved exclusively for garments we have made only.