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Experience True Luxury with Our Bespoke Italian Suits for Men

Sartoria Sciarra is an artisan tailoring firm specialising in genuine bespoke Italian tailoring. Our bespoke men’s Italian suits are entirely hand made in our Sydney work room. Our house style is influenced by our Italian heritage, designed to complement the Australian lifestyle and climate perfectly. Sartoria Sciarra is a unique blend of hand made deconstructed Neapolitan suits with the high attention to detail of Abruzzese tailoring. As bespoke tailors our ultimate goal is to create the finest tailoring for you personally. Our ambition is to play a meaningful role in your journey to create the ideal sartorial wardrobe.

The journey begins with a personal consultation to ascertain what you desire. Time and care are taken to discuss colours, fabrics, style and functionality assuring all elements of your hand made suits will be perfect for you. Our Italian tailors draft your personal pattern with detailed measurements and the astute analysis of your physique and posture. They then hand cut and baste your tailor made suits together for the first fitting. The hand basted fittings are an opportunity to view, discuss and adjust the style, proportions and fit with your bespoke tailor before the suit is completed. Two to three basted fittings are required for the high standard of fit synonymous with the finest hand made Neapolitan suits. The final fitting is with your custom made suits in their completed form for the first time and to your satisfaction.

Visit Our Italian Tailor for Neapolitan Suits in Sydney

Bespoke appointments are conveniently available in our CBD meeting rooms or your premises. Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Canberra. All appointments are with the artisan who personally makes your bespoke Italian suits entirely by hand. Offering you a complete luxury sartorial look, our bespoke categories include classic Italian tailoring, shirt making, luxury sportswear and accessories, including custom luxury ties by F. Marino Napoli. Our custom made shirts are available in entirely single needle machine construction or with hand made finishes. Our extensive fabric library includes only the finest Italian and UK fabric mills. All canvases, linings, silk threads and buttons are of the finest quality sourced exclusively from Italy.

Our luxury care service is designed to preserve the integrity of your bespoke Italian suits over time. All luxury care services are exclusive to Sartoria Sciarra custom made suits only. Any repairs required to our craftsmanship are complimentary for life. Our sponge and press cleaning service ensures your luxury bespoke hand made suits are thoroughly cleaned with organic natural biodegradable detergents and pressed in the same way as during the making process. Our alterations service allows you to adjust the size of your tailor made suits as your weight fluctuates, while maintaining the same hand made craftsmanship. Our exclusive fabric insurance allows you to replace certain areas of your bespoke hand made suits if they incur irreparable damage. Our invisible mending service mends small fabric holes in certain areas up to 2cm in diameter.

Make an Appointment with Our Bespoke Tailors

To experience soft and luxurious bespoke Italian suits that are entirely hand made in Sydney,make an appointment with our bespoke tailors on +61 2 9590 5788 or using the online enquiry form.