Your experience is a sartorial journey made up of five parts. Convenient service, personal consultation, basted fittings, final fitting and luxury care. The bespoke artisan who is making and caring for your garments is with you every step of the way.


While we are based in Sydney, we also travel monthly to Melbourne, Brisbane and Canberra.

Our appointment rooms are located in iconic luxury cbd locations. Chifley tower, Sydney. 101 Collins, Melbourne. Santos Place, Brisbane. Nishi building, Canberra.

If your schedule is back to back, our concierge service offers the convenience of your appointment taking place in your home or office at a time that suits you.  


Time and care are taken in your personal consultation to holistically understand what you desire. Our expertise in fabric, colour, style and functionality assist in curating inspiring concepts for the intended purpose. Together we refine the finest option to your satisfaction.  

While analysing your posture and physical characteristics, your measurements are taken with great attention to detail. It’s here that we identify anything about your physique which you may want to accentuate, hide or cater for with the fit.


Your exclusive pattern is drafted according to all of the data from your personal consultation. Your fabric and canvas is then prepared, cut and basted together by hand for the first fitting. The basted fitting allows us to see how the garment fits you without committing to permanent stitches in key areas. This provides you with an opportunity to make stylistic and proportional adjustments in the fittings. And allows the cut of the garment to be adjusted and safely re-fitted with ease to achieve an exceptional fit.

Three fittings are required on average. At each fitting the garments are further advanced in the making process.


The final fitting is where you try on your investment in its completed form for the first time. At this stage, everything should be to your satisfaction and can be taken with you. 


Our luxury care service is designed to preserve the original condition of your investment over time. Like any investment, the quality of maintenance plays a vital role in how well it performs. To assure you can get the most out of our tailoring long term, we provide a range of care services exclusively for garments we have made. Conveniently, you can book the pick up and delivery for our luxury care services in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Canberra.

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